Parent Involvement

We recognize the role of parents in promoting behavioral improvements and positive changes among children with autism. Hence, our parent training program will educate parents on their child’s treatment and how they can help. Caregivers must be involved at home and in other environmental situations in order to receive optimal outcomes. That is why we provide tools that extend into the lives of every family that wants to see their child become successful. We work closely with parents to provide training to reinforce the skills practiced in therapy.

We’re here to ease burdens, not create them

We know it’s not always easy to take a kid with autism out of their comfort zone. As part of our dedication to individualized care, Hopebridge designs a personalized plan to help each family adapt to the impact of the child’s developmental condition. Our role is also to simplify your job, so we offer flexible schedules for therapy appointments at times that are convenient for your family.

Training tailored for your family

Our education programs look different for each child since we modify training according to the needs and requests of the family. From regular meetings, to in-depth curriculum training, to supplying books and printouts, we want to see you serve as a champion for your child and will supply the tools to make it happen.