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Autism does not have to hinder your child from achieving their goals. From academics to social life, we all deserve a high quality of life. At Aspire Therapy Group, we will remove the barriers among children with autism and develop skills they can use throughout their lives.

ABA therapy is a modern approach that helps individuals with autism recognize harmful habits and learn how to avoid them. This technique also improves essential skills needed to thrive in society, such as communication, social skills, memory, cognition, and more.

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ABA Therapists

We will match an ABA-trained therapist to your child.

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Home Based Behavioral Therapy

Our program is available in homes and other settings.

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Parent Training

We recognize the parent’s role in our program’s success.

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Increasing Social Skills

ABA proves to improve social and behavioral skills.

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Mission Statement

To provide an enriching environment where children with autism can perform above expectations and break through barriers by applying behavior change programs and implementing applied techniques, modeling, empirical teaching/training, and encouragement.

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