Speech and Language Therapy

Children with communication and interaction issues can benefit from speech and language therapy, which also serves to protect and advance their welfare. Speech and language therapy encourages excellent mental, emotional, and social health. We have experts who are dedicated to teaching a full range of speech and language therapy to help clients learn how to communicate their wants and needs that are understood by others.

What Is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is an intervention service that can help treat early childhood speech disorders by focusing on improving a child’s speech and abilities to understand and express language, including nonverbal language. Whether children have language skills or not, they can use sign language, or they can point to a picture, they are able to communicate. Even if they are non-verbal and not able to do any of these things, they can still communicate.

Benefits of Speech and Language Therapy

Our licensed speech and language pathologists and SLP assistants are dedicated to teaching our clients how to communicate what they want in a way that can be understood by others. They start by identifying what kind of speech or language deficits exist, then they determine what the cause is and decide on the best treatment. Our speech therapists provide engaging and functional activities focused on strengthening areas of weakness, by understanding and targeting problems with:

  • Receptive language (understanding language)
  • Expressive language (using language)
  • Social communication (using language in socially appropriate ways)
  • Reading and spelling (including dyslexia)
  • Our Staff are experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and innovative ability to introduce new tools for
  • home life and school life to help with a brighter future.