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What We Offer

Treatment Plan

Each child will get an individualized treatment plan based on their distinct needs.

Care Assessment

Before we get started with the program, our team will run a comprehensive assessment of each child’s needs, preferences, and levels of functioning.

In-Home Therapy

With in-home therapy programs, our clinicians work 1:1 with your child, in the comfort and privacy of their natural environment. This approach allows your child to build functional skills that can be tailored to their daily routines within their own home and community. ABA therapy in the natural setting such as a home, school, daycare, and the community, is typically preferred as it allows the team to work with your child where their behaviors and skill deficits are occurring.

Telehealth Sessions

Telepractice is the utilization of telecommunication to provide speech-language pathology services like screenings, evaluations, consultations, and direct therapy. It provides greater flexibility when the services can be offered (for example, offering sessions before kids go to school). Telehealth technologies pave the way for new creative ideas and ways of interacting and working with patients.

Center-Based Services

Center-based services incorporate applied behavior analysis (ABA) practices in a center— a setting where children can practice their acquired skills in a generalized environment. With the supervision and mentorship of ABA professionals, patients can benefit from an additional layer of support that’s usually unavailable in an in-home setting. Children can also socialize with others by being in a center.

Our Process

1. Initial Application

Submit your application with the needed patient information, such as your child’s insurance and doctor’s diagnosis documents.

2. Verification

Aspire Therapy Group will reach out to your insurance provider to validate your coverage for ABA therapy. Upon verification, we will assign a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) to your child.

3. Evaluation

To identify your child’s needs and the length of ABA services required, the BCBA will run a comprehensive care assessment in your home.

4. Approval Request

After the assessment, Aspire Therapy Group will submit the results to your insurance provider. As soon as the insurance company approves, then we can start the next step. Please note that getting the approval of the insurance company may take up to 15 business days.

5. Therapy Service Provision

The BCBA and/or SLP will design a custom treatment plan and provide family support and training. The plan will be implemented by our ABA team under strict supervision.


To get started, please set an appointment with us on your preferred schedule. For more details, please give us a call or leave us a message.